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Post by Duvodas on Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:36 am

If you feel like our family may interest you please leave a message here.

Dark Knights - Who we are -  Dark_Knight_by_kerembeyit

Welcome and thanks for looking!

If we should speak of us in few words, we think that players must be serious with helping out, so that the guild can costantly evolve.

What is Dark Knights?

Dark Knights - more than just a clan, we are family!!! We are an experienced gaming clan with very active, loyal and competitive members looking to meet more of the same!

It's not easy to find a good home, but we think we can provide it. We donate shards frequently and always answer questions or give advice when needed. Players are free to play at their own pace, but we also have some members who are extremely active and help to push each other competitively in a good-natured manner. We can be chatty and a sense of humor is required.

Most of all we are a team of genuine players (you may find our stories in the member restricted area of our forum - for the link apply me by PM -) and have experience leading large groups in online games and actively seek to foster and improve all members.
Elders are members that have shown commitment to the game and to the clan and help to manage and mentor our members.

Our goal is to give relaxed fun to ever member using both our forum and in game chat to organize Boss Battle so everyone will have his chance to partecipate.

What is required of our Members?

We currently only ask that our members be mature, active, donate shards whenever they can trying to get fun in respect of others. We prefer our members to be a bit more social, but of course lurking now and then is no problem.
It's nice to get to know our members as we are working towards building a family, not just an unstoppable army! Dark Knights - Who we are -  Wink

Clan rules

- Respect others
- Partecipate at the daily Boss fight, set at 22.00 GMT / 17.00 EST
- One day after joining, if u feel we are good for you, requested to donate 10 shards
- Register to our forum in order to partecipate to Guild activity.
- Actually Might Requirement is 5.000
- In case you feel comfortable to stay in our Family  we require a donation of 30 shards / week at the moment (after release of Here be Monsters feature it will be requested 50 shards / week)

We are a Global Guild actually mainly with players from European Area and USA.

Thanks for visiting us, hope you will join the family soon.
Happy Clashing


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Dark Knights - Who we are -  Empty Re: Dark Knights - Who we are -

Post by RobRoy on Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:03 am

Hello, my in game name is RobRoy and you're all welcome to add me and chat me up if you would like.
I have spoken with Duvodas on the IGG forum about joining your family and plan on doing so when a spot opens up.

A little about myself:
First of all i'm a active gamer and advance quickly. I do my research so my time is better used. I am in the EST zone and my most active times are between 1500-2400 EST.  I am just starting off in castle clash, but meet the requirements for application and plan to far exceed them soon. As for my age, i'll just tell you I'm older. :p
Look forward to seeing you all in game soon.


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Dark Knights - Who we are -  Empty Re: Dark Knights - Who we are -

Post by Lyudda03 on Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:57 am

Welcome to the guild, Rob Smile


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Dark Knights - Who we are -  Empty Re: Dark Knights - Who we are -

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