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Post by Kroaker on Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:15 am

As with the rest of the game, legendary heroes are a HUGE advantage in the Arena. If you don't have any, you will struggle to move up the ranks.

The best non-legendary team is something like Assassin, Executioner, Panda and Cyclops, with the fifth slot taken by any other elite or potentially angel, engineer or Marksman.

All three paths take the same time. Placement within the starting circle DOES affect how long the hero has to travel - something like 0,2 seconds from one side of the circle to another, a potentially winning difference.

Place your heroes carefully, so they meet the other team in the order you want them to. Hero with highest HP should go first (furthest edge of the circle), the rest behind. Heroes with Sprint talent should go on their own path, like assassins/ninjas.

I see a lot of teams who put Assassin/ninja in the same path as the main group. This is a losing tactic. You are putting your hero with lowest HP against all the others at once, so they not only concentrate fire and kill your main DPS easily, they have built up an energy advantage when they meet the rest of your team and will get to use their specials first. The only time you should do this is if your fast hero has a strong self-destruct talent.

The most consistent formation I have found is Assassin on top path, rest along the bottom. Keep a note of players where this doesn't work, and adjust accordingly.

High skills and good talents beat high levels...But it's a lot easier to get levels!

Always fight - 6HB is better than 0HB. However, if you are close to a higher HB/hour band (or a lower one), try and keep at least two battle chances spare. This way, if someone sends you out of the higher band, you can get back in before the timer ticks over.

The hour timer is different for everyone. You are not competing with anyone but yourself to be in the highest HB/hour band when the hour passes. Be patient and save your battles until it's close to the timer.

You may find yourself hitting a 'wall' of players who you can't beat. This is normal. You may wish to just put one hero in defence (make yourself easy to beat) so you drop a few hundred places. When you come back, you get a bunch of easy 40HB wins. This can become a HB harvesting tactic, but don't let yourself drop too low down the rankings!


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