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Post by Kroaker on Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:31 am

Castle Clash is all about the heroes. Everything you do should be geared towards either getting legendary heroes, or if you have them, to leveling them up.

- Always complete your daily tasks to claim the free 30 gems.

- Find the highest skull dungeon you can clear with no hero losses. These can be quite difficult - I still stick to D2S1 mostly, unless I have guardians to spare. Once you find it, farm it repeatedly. You will be sick of it, but carry on. Don't try and farm anything but a skull dungeon, the chances of shard drops are too low.

- Raid other players as much as possible. This is the best and quickest way to gain exp for your heroes (and the fastest way to get gold and mana).

Ideally you want to win without any losses, but for those of us without lvl 120 legendaries, this isn't always possible. Aim for quick turnarounds, so avoid hero deaths with restoration/guardian angel spell whenever possible and use troops that can be easily replaced. It would be great to raid with Griffins or dragons every time, but you'd be waiting ages after each one.

Watch out for arrow towers, especially with legendary purple pots. I tend to avoid any base with legendary-garrisoned towers, as they will most likely kill a hero or two.


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